Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First project member

A WIGHT who had previously tested with the National Geographic Genographic Project has joined as our first participant.
Read these instructions on how to switch your sample and results across to Family Tree DNA.

The above link also has instructions for any other WIGHTs who have already been tested and want to become part of the project instead of going it alone.

If thinking about being tested, there are substantial discounts on new tests if you join a project for your order, rather than order direct from Family Tree DNA (the company this project uses), again, check the instructions link above.

The Results and Patriarchs pages have been updated to show our first participant, as has the DNA Projects Portal supplementary pages, where you can find some data on the lineage represented (that of Thomas WIGHT of Massachusetts).
Another representative for the family would be welcome, as would any WIGHT who wishes to test how they may match other families.

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